"He covered the two doors of olivewood with carvings of cherubim, palm trees and open flowers. He overlaid them with gold and spread gold on the cherubim and on the palm trees."        1 Kings 6:32

Driftwood angel
It is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a neddle
Ponsonby Post Office
Ponsonby Post Office (detail)
Gilded Blessing | 2009
Gilded ladder | 2010
Gilded wheelchair for denis O'Connor | 2010
Gilded wall brackets
Water gilded frame by Sarah Guppy. Portrait of Miss Hoane her maternal great grandmother'
Lauren Drescher’s ‘Luminaries’ 2018
Lauren Drescher’s ‘Luminaries’ 2018
Lauren Drescher’s ‘Luminaries’ 2018
Carved Plaster - driftwood - 22k gold 2018
Carved Plaster - seasponge - gilded panel - 2018
Gilded tart


Auckland gilder Sarah Guppy trained and worked in England for many years as a gilder using both water and oil-gilding techniques and developing a finely honed standard of craftmanship. Sarah Guppy’s gilding work has featured in high-profile buildings and interiors in the UK and in iconic buildings and on furniture and privately commissioned art pieces in Auckland.

 Sarah was apprenticed (1987-1990) with UK gilder Christina Leder, who specialised in contemporary and traditional gilt frames, hand-coloured finishes and the restoration of antique giltwood.

From 1990 to 1996 Sarah worked with the Wandsworth Company Carvers and Gilders on numerous projects, including furniture damaged in the Windsor Castle fire and chandeliers for Kensington Palace. Sarah also worked on

other high-profile gilding projects for clients ranging from the Sultan of Brunei to the Earl and Countess Spencer.

Since returning to Auckland in the late 90s, Sarah has also worked on gilding work for many beloved local heritage landmarks including the Hopetown Alpha Building and the Ponsonby Post Office. Smaller scale projects have included gilding objects for artist Louise Browne, composer Eve de Castro-Robinson and sculptors Denis O’Connor and Peter Lange.

 Sarah Guppy is available for private and public gilding commissions.

Sarah Guppy's UK and NZ Gilding Projects
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