"Bas Relief is an excavation into the imagination - sculpting ideas as they reveal themselves."      

- Sarah Guppy

Is - Land In - Mind
Circle Holding Square | 480x480
Complete, Incomplete, Repeat | 480x480
Diamond Cut | 310x340
A- Void, A - Circle | 450x240


GIVING RELIEF - New plaster works by Sarah Guppy

Experimentation has always been key to my work, and this new series has been born out of two elements, my practice of gilding and the use of gesso as its foundation, and years also spent
working clay. Gesso and plaster are near cousins, both used in preparation, both using whiting or chalk as a foundation, and both requiring surface treatment. My clay work has given me
opportunity to develop sculptural works and now the two elements have come together in carving plaster. The attraction of plaster is found in its infinite potential of surface texture, colour and its natural state of white on white, enhanced by deep cut shadow.
The use of geometric form relates to the endless ways we inhabit space and the feeling that is
associated with positive negative patterns, repeat and partial pattern.

My twenty years spent in Britain has influenced my aesthetic education through discovering artists like Victor Passmore, Naum Gabo, Ben Nicholson and Agnes Martin amongst many who explored abstract form and emptiness. As a practicing Buddist I find the mark making meditative , often titles come from the practice of being with the medium and discovering the geometry.


 Sarah Guppy is available for private and public commissions.

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