"Everyday working is a form of prayer" Kanjiro Kawai

Vases from the Ancient World 2020
Love birds | Hand built terracotta with slip 2012
Ceramic Lamp base - from Morandi’s Sister Series 2021 400x130
Ceramic Lampbase 2020
Morandi’s Sister Series - Vulcan Black and white slip 2021/22
Golden Rain - 22 k gold on ceramic Urn 400x220mm SOLD
Urn Ladder to the stars - Grogged clay with 22k gold 360 x 150mm
Urn with 22 k gold - Chair being kissed by a Rainbow 2021. 360
Vulcan Black clay from Morandi’s Sister Series 2021 200 x 80mm
Head of a woman - raw grogged terra cotta 2020
Morpoks 2020
O for optimistic 2020
Painting Owl on a plate 2020
Peacock dish in the making
Kea Candlesticks | Hand-built terracotta with slip 2012
Tui candlestick - handbuilt terracotta with white slip - 220mm 2011
Sea trout | Grogged terracotta with slip - 2012
Fantail Bowl | Grogged terracotta with slip 2011'
Fantail detail
Sunflower plate terracotta with honey glaze | 2011
Head of Philosophy - Crackle Glaze _ 2017
A way with birds - Honey Glaze - 2018
Seed Gatherer - Celedon Glaze 2018


Sarah Guppy creates one-off hand-decorated ceramic domestic ware and hand-built sculptures. Her primary materials are earthenware and raku clay. Recently she has been experimenting with slip casting. 

Working in clay gives me the ability to paint and decorate in three dimensions.

Decoration is important to me, it equates with dressing the form. Using slips and under glazes I paint images of animals, still life images and patterns inspired by nature.

A commission to hand-build a kea bird inspired me to explore this area in more depth. I have since developed a series of hand-built candlesticks using pairs of owls, tuis and moreporks (New Zealand’s native owls), keas, doves and lovebirds.

 My claywork is available for sale from the following New Zealand retail outlets:

New Zealand


I am also available for private commissions, including special occasion gifts.

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